found two kitties cuddling by the sea

Dude with dope camera tattoo in coffee shop.

Can I have your tattoo, sir?




if you shame girls about their breast size i will push you into traffic

"Who’s flat now?"

whos flat now

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Thoughts on two current marketing strategies:

1) Why in earth did McDonald’s put those stupid faces on the boxes and everything else? I fully understand the appeal of a face, but why not just bring back the classic Ronald McDonald, maybe revamp the character a little? If it was a problem of clowns scaring kids, they haven’t really gone in a better direction. That face is just plain creepy.

2) I seriously can’t believe the “find your name on a coke bottle!!” Trend has gone over so well. I have seen grown ass people pawing through bins for minutes and making a mess out of our cooler at work just for a chance to find their name. Why? It is no more special, nor are you, and you’re just going to throw away or recycle the bottle anyway. Right? Who’s gonna keep that?

Anyone know how to break into a standard house lock?

My boyfriend is locked out, its 11 at night, and his roommates are out if town or working. Is there a way to get it open without breaking it?


my kind of glory hole

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People think feminism means that there’s a group of women somewhere that want to take trousers with pockets away from men and give them to women, and give men trousers with fake pockets, while in reality feminism is the general idea that everyone should have trousers with pockets, because pockets are awesome.